Interior Design Process

Free Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting

Each design project starts with a no-charge initial meeting with the client at their property to discuss the project in detail. During this “discovery meeting,” we’ll get to know your, your style, and your goals for the project—in essence, you’ll show us what’s important to you so that the finished project will be a true reflection of you. We’ll also ensure that any potential issues and problems are identified and discussed before we start to work. We’ll discuss and outline the budget and timeline so the project can progress smoothly

Concept Design

Concept Design

After our initial meeting, we’ll prepare a concept scheme for you to review and discuss with us. This will be presented in the form of draft layouts showing space utilization, any structural modifications, and furniture arrangement. We’ll also produce mood boards to illustrate our suggested color schemes, wall and window treatments, along with options for fabrics and finishes. Also at this stage we’ll produce a draft cost plan which will include the estimated cost for each step of the project, along with timetable

Interior Design Development

Design Development

Once the design concept has been agreed upon, we’ll move ahead to the detailed design and specification stage. Here, each element of the design will be specified for you to sign off on, and we’ll provide you with samples to examine and choose from. At this stage we can also propose accessories that will bring the design to life, and we can purchase and install them for you if you choose that option

Construction Administration

Construction Administration

We will monitor the progress of the project on-site on a regular basis, and any issues arising during the course of the project will be resolved in a timely manner in order to maintain quality and keep the project on schedule. Any unforeseen issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently to the client’s satisfaction

Interior design project


After construction has been completed, We will coordinate the delivery and positioning of all furniture and furnishings. We often curate artwork and home accessories at this stage as well, to create the finished look, or we can dress your new interior with your existing treasures to give each room your own personal stamp