Spazio Bressan is a spark of elegant defiance. We specialize in bespoke interior design that can transform any space into a sophisticated, inviting experience.

Our process spans from space planning to furniture selection, furniture design, custom millwork and lighting, art consultation and sourcing. We orchestrate all aspects of new construction and renovation right down to the finest finishes and details.

Why us? Because superior outcomes are only possible once you’ve gained an understanding of the materials, tools, craft, and methods used at every stage of the process, from blueprint through carpentry.

Our celebrated designs reflect our rare combination of creativity, vision, technical expertise, and hands-on involvement with skilled craftsmen, artisans, and tradesmen along with renowned architects and contractors. And we can provide you with access to designer-exclusive products.

“The best design is the simplest that works”

Albert Einstein

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The best interiors evoke a mood. They’re an extension of our lifestyle. They entertain, provide solace, bring us closer together, and welcome us home. At Spazio Bressan, we bring not just the technical awareness of design principles and techniques but also the ability to help our clients realize and express their personal vision. This requires tremendous attention to detail around space planning, furnishing, design, layout, and color coordination.

We listen to our clients to determine your needs, transforming your vision from idea or moodboard into a fully developed interior space complete with wall and floor finishing, custom millwork and treatments, carefully planned lighting, and artwork. We take the time to research and sketch your ideal environment, presenting you with detailed illustrations and options. We then step in to coordinate construction and renovation to ensure every aspect of that finished space meets with our client’s expectations.

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