Esteban Bressan

Born and raised in Argentina I’ve earned my BSc in Agriculture Engineer at Universidad Nacional De Cordoba, Argentina. In 1998 I moved to California where I worked in the agriculture business, for 8 years until it was time to explore my true passion. Design.
Upon moving to Los Angeles I began a storefront furniture store exhibiting pieces that I purchased in South America. Soon after, I began working in staging/furniture arrangement and home remodeling. When relocating to Miami I dived into the local market putting my expertise to work.
Through my work I gained practical experience and abilities that cannot be learned in the classroom, such as the ability to carry out plans, supervise, and oversee the actual construction process. Although my work had been rewarding, it has also allowed me to reflect and be aware of the areas in which I needed to receive additional training reason why decided to earn additional education, moving to Milan and joining the Design Program held at Scuola Politecnica di Design.
Once back in USA I joined a prestigious design firm in Miami. I was part of a very talented team that specializes in high-end residential projects.
Later, and staying true to my entrepreneurial spirit, I re-launched my own business; Doing what I love. I deliver inspirational interiors that my clients will enjoy for many years to come.